Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Purple Palace

First, to explain the name. We bought the new house and moved in last fall. It was only next door to where we were living. We were living on my husband's family farm. After his mom passed away, we decided we wanted to buy the other half of her property. Not a horrible move by any means. But my new stamping/scrapping room is smaller than the one at the old house. However, I LOVE it so much more! My husband has spoiled me, and my new, smaller room is much more usable and organized. Or at least, it will be more organized when I'm finished. But to top it all off, I was able to make my stamping/scrapping room PURPLE! My favorite color! How cool is that?!

We started off with a cinder block room in the basement. It has a hallway leading down to it that I consider part of my room. We have put a lot of work into this little room though. We put two coats of KILLZ primer/paint on all of the walls. Then we covered it with a coat of glossy white paint to brighten it up.

Before we moved, the place that my husband works at was throwing out some old countertop and a couple of base cabinets since they were remodeling a room they were in. So my husband acquired them, knowing I could use them in my new room. With a little help from a friend, he got those put up where I wanted them.

He also put up some shelves over my cutting counter. They really help for the organizing!

~Now it's time to Stamp~

I decided to decorate my new room using the Doodle This stamp set from Stampin' Up! I used purple and green acrylic paints with the stamps. Keith got me a great big pegboard to cover almost the entire wall over my stamping counter to hang a lot of my tools and such on. I decided to decorate the pegboard to match the rest of the room. The pegboard is a bit busy, but once all of the tools are hanging on it, you don't see all of the business.

There was an old, yellowish, yucky shelf left in the basement.

I latched onto it, and started painting. I also stamped it to match. Hey - if it doesn't move, stamp it! Right?! I was really happy with how it turned out too.


Now, here's the coolest part. My husband actually ordered me purple carpet for my new room!! He cut it and installed it himself, and did a fabulous job on it!


So welcome to my Purple Palace!


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KellyS said...

I Love it! It is sooo you. Stamping the flowers was an inspiring idea. You can create till your hearts content. I'm thrilled for you!

Anonymous said...

Looks Good!!!!!
gonna come and work in my basement??