Monday, April 14, 2008

Creations for my QSS

Our Quackers chat group had another fun secret gifting thing again this spring. We have so much fun with these! I was buying and creating for Dody, a real beach lover. Most of her package was store-bought items from our local scrapbooking store, but here is what I created for her.

She was trying to come up with a name for her craft room a while back, but never decided for sure. Her undecisiveness meant that I had to pick a name since I really wanted to do a name frame for her room. One that she had mentioned while thinking of name ideas was my favorite, so I went with it. This is the name frame I created for Dody's Crafty Cabana.

She already has an "about me" scrapbook page from an earlier exchange, so I decided to do one for my whole family.

I also did a recipe page for Taco Pie.

Here is the card that I sent with Dody's gift. Another friend had sent me some Bella stamped images to play with, and I thought it was perfect for Dody's card.

~~Happy Quacking, Dody!~~

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