Friday, June 1, 2012

A bit of a hiatis

I know I haven't added anything new lately.
It probably has something to do with
the last few weeks of school, and
all the awards nights, banquets, and
field trips being crammed in, not to mention
having one kiddo graduating 8th
grade, and all of the work for that.
Or maybe the start of our crazy
summer ball schedule.  LOL

But I did get a small amouth of
creating done over the last month or so.
So for now, I'll share that with you.

This is the inviation I made
for the celebration at home after
the graduation ceremony.
I also did thank you notes for
her to send out.

The parents of the 8th grade class
worked together to throw
the kids a community party
that even included a dance for them.
We set up tables and each student
had a display area and a gift
bag that people could place cards
in. I made one of these with
each student's name to hang on the
front of their gift bag.

This was Ali's finished display

I did the cakes for their
community graduation party.

This was Ali's cake for her celebration at
home following the ceremony.
She told me she wanted her cake to be
"Her" rather than school colors.
So this is the "her" that I came up with.

 Mother's Day was also in there.
This is the card I made for Mom.

This is the card Mom made for me.
Isn't it just adorable?! :)

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Soni B said...

well hello and welcome back... and thanks for sharing the card I made you... I hope you keep up with a few challenges and keep that mojo rolling... Thanks for sharing...