Thursday, June 7, 2012

Gotta Love Chores!

Well, I love delegating them.
Does that count?! LOL

I decided that it is time to get everyone
on track with chores, and hold them
accountable! They need to earn all
the extras they get!

So there are certain things expected
of each of them every day.
Then there are chores that they
will rotate through.

Since I have yet to replace my
printer ink for the computers, I
decided to get creative.
I checked out some stuff on
pinterest, then did my own thing.

Our new "Chore Central" lol

These are the rotating chores

These are their individual
every day chores

And for the record, the individual
every day chores aren't as
vast as they appear here.
For each child, the bottom section
only has 1 thing listed as needed,
and 2 things 1 day a week. LOL

The "kicker" is that this mean mommy
is now going to enforce the concept of
"Nothing works unless you do"

translation: if you can't do your
chores, you don't get
priviliges and activities,
including video games, friend
activities, and sports.

Let's see how this goes.

So far, Mommy isn't so popular
with the teenager, but the 11 year old
isn't too unhappy anymore and
the 8 year old is pretty
indifferent with it all. He was 1st done.

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