Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Little Lego Man's 8th Birthday

My youngest turned 8 yesterday.
His favorite thing in the entire world
right now is Legos. And they are
wonderful for him!

He was super excited when
we found Lego Star Wars party

I had to do the sticker thing for his
card since my stamp sets don't exactly
include legos or star wars. LOL
But he really loved it.
He was still looking it over about 5
minutes later, and looked over at
me and said "That is really cool!"

The blue layer is only attached
to the left side of the gate
fold card.

When you lift the blue layer,
the yellow layer is attached to the
right side of the gate fold.

 This is all the way open.

And of course, I have to share
his cake! :)


Runs with Scissors said...

Both look yummy. Great card. I love how it opens.

Soni B said...

wow look at all of that detail on his card, no wonder he thought it was is .... and yes the cake was awesome in design but tasted even better : )