Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Storage for my Retired Ink Pads

I have an awesome storage unit from
that I absolutely love. I use it for my current SU ink
pads, current in-colors, and specialty inks.
However in the 7 years I have been stamping, I
have acquired many ink pads that are now retired.
Even though I'm no longer an SU demo, I still prefer to
keep my current and retired inks and cardstock
separated - mainly for ease since I can't order additional.
This is the latest way I have been storing the retired
ink pads. I recently put them on my storage cubes that I
moved under my stamping counter. Before that,
they were across the room on a shelf.
The separating panels are not actually sturdy, but
do offer a little support to help them stay stacked.
Well, in cruising through pictures of people's craft rooms
and storage ideas, I ran across ideas of covering
cereal boxes.
My son drinks these breakfast drinks in the mornings
to add more protein to his diet. We got these bulk-type
boxes at Sam's, and I realized they were the perfect width for
Stampin' Up ink pads.
So I got some scrapbooking paper in colors to match
the fabric I picked out for the new curtains my mom is making
for my window and cabinet boxes,
dug out the mod podge, and used some of the
ribbon we found that matched the fabrics.
The Finished Ink Pad Boxes

They have many imperfections, but I love them!
I have them on my counter next to my ink pad storage
and now I have them all right in front of me.


Margaret said...

What a fabulous idea! Looks so nice and neat there. You are so creative Krista.

Kelly said...

I am so glad you're getting back in your room. Its all organized and just inviting :-) I'll have to remember this one.

KarenC Inspired said...

Great idea! I love to reuse throwaways!