Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sympathy cards

These are never my favorite to make! Last week, there was a tragic car accident that killed 3 teenagers and injured two. One of the young men lost belonged to a family we know. He was the oldest of three children- having a younger brother and sister, and they just lost their father to cancer one year ago the same month. This family has been through so much! And now this horrific nightmare upon them tears at my heart! So I spent today creating some special cards for my friends.

This one is for my little buddy Kaylee. She and I have done a lot of talking over the last year, as we have both lost our daddies. Now she is facing the loss of her big brother on top of it. My heart just breaks for this girl, as well as the rest of her family. But she needed a special card just for her.
And this one is for her brother Lucas.
~R.I.P. Levi~
~You are forever loved and missed by many~


KellyS said...

This are beautiful, Krista. I know you put your soul into every one of them. Kaylee (and her entire family) is blessed to have someone who cares so deeply.

Now to think about which ones to CAS Great to have you back so I can hehe
Hugs! K

Margaret said...

All your sympathy cards are so pretty. I know that you made them all with love in your heart.

Soni B said...

All of these have a special beauty all their own... Not only in design and products, but in the feelings that came from your heart... This is the part of you that I am so proud of... Your ability and talent is amazing, but your heart makes your work even more special... Love you , MOM

Paper Blessings said...

Krista, agree, don't like making them, but you did such beautiful cards that it has to help them know that someone is thinking of them.


Krista Quick said...

Thank you all! I really liked how these turned out, and a lot of it is that I know the level of care included in making them.

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