Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Card Swap

Sue arranged a card swap for us to take part in. She decided on a them for masculine cards, either for men or boys. Ali and I came home with some great cards! I already posted my card, as well as Ali's, so I will share everyone else's creations
Becky's card
Brooke's card

Lisa's card

Lois's card

Sharon's card

Shelly's card

Sonja's card

Sue's card

Tammy's card

Tanya's card

Thanks girls, for a fun afternoon full of friends and stamping! :D


Kelly said...

Great cards, Krista! It looks like everyone was in a creative vein. Brooke and Ali did awesome for their first swap! I'm so proud of them.

Soni B said...

thanks for getting these up Krista...it was a wonderful day, with so many new and great ideas, and color combos!... I think everyone did an excellent job!