Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Teachers' gifts

I created some books for the kids' teachers. Today is their last day of school, and they'll get to give them their presents and books. Cody is in first grade, and has a teacher and a teacher's aide all day. I made them both one of these books. I used my Bind-it-all on these.

The first grade class went on a field trip to the Children's Museum a couple of weeks ago. The class picture is on a separate flap, attached to the red piece that folds out. Each page has a flap that folds out to show another picture.

I made sure to get a snapshot of each of the students in the class on the field trip to include in these books. I also had each student write their favorite thing about first grade for me to use in these.

Ali is in fourth grade, and has one teacher all day. This is also her first year teaching, so I wanted to do a little keepsake for her of her first class.

I copied the class picture that came home last fall with school pictures. Then I cut each student out, and the teacher as well for the last page. I also had each student sign a piece of cardstock, and I cut out each signature. I used a small tin to hold the pages. The pages are just on a book ring for a flip-book. Then on each page is a student along with their signature. The pages aren't anything fancy, but I like how it turned out with their signatures.

Here are the cards that are going with the gifts. They definitely aren't anything fancy, but I was happy with them. They are exactly alike, just different colors. You can't really see the bottom of the red one very well, but it does have the same stamps done across it.


Shell said...

Oh, Krista!!!!! You did a wonderful, wonderful job with those. The teachers will be soooooo thrilled with their special, keepsake gifts. Great job!!!!!!! I know that Ali and Cody are so proud of their mom for being able to do something so wonderful.

Anonymous said...

those are great!!!!
once again you do a fabulous job!!!