Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another spring flood

Well, another spring flood interrupted my stamping and scrapbooking. :( At least this time, my floor didn't have anything laying around on it! We also didn't get as much water in the basement this time around. However, we were not able to save my carpet after this flood.

My room is so sad without the carpet!
Until we figure out why we're getting the water all of a sudden and get the issue fixed, I don't want to put any more carpet down there, just waiting for it to happen again. So I decided to paint my floor purple in the meantime. It's definitely a brighter shade of purple than my carpet was, but it was the closest color they could tint the special floor paint. So I put two coats of the purple paint down, then a coat of concrete sealer over it, which ended up giving it a nice glossy finish. I'm hoping to be able to get some stuff moved back in there soon, so I can work on getting organized again.

My daddy helped me with the first coat of purple.While I'm redoing my room, I decided to add stamped flowers to the wall. Originally, I only had one row of flowers all the way around the room. It was the layer under my clock. The concrete sealer added such a pretty glossy finish to my floor :)

I'm liking it! :D

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