Friday, November 13, 2009

Wow! It has been forever!

I realize it has been over a year since I added to this blog! I can't believe that! Unfortunately, I really haven't done a whole lot in my awesome stamping room this year. I had elbow issues that didn't allow me to do much stamping early in the year. Then, in May, we had a flood. We got four inches of standing water in our entire basement - including my Purple Palace. With my limited time down there, my room was a mess, lots on the floor. And since the flood, we have really stayed busy with life, kids, and of course, our bad luck. But it has been cleaned up, I have almost full use of my right arm again, and I am ready to get back down there and create. So hopefully, I will have something fun to share with you soon.
I suppose I will attach flood pictures for this post.

Here was my first view going down the hall towards my scrapbooking room :(

We had to take everything out of my room to clear the floor. We shop-vac'd the carpet, then hauled it outside for drying out. So my supplies were scattered throughout the house where we could fit them.

My counters were unusable


Mel said...

oh no.thats really bad
glad to see u are back though and cant wait to see some stuff from you

Jill Haddad said...

Oh - ouch! Did you lose any supplies to all that water??? I'd been wondering where you've been - sorry to hear about the elbow AND the flood.

Kellys said...

Hey KK! I know it's been rough but I hope you are looking at the new decade as a new start. You are AWESOMELY talented and I miss seeing your creations. Looking forward to seeing magic from the Purple Palace (you call it therapy for a reason) hehe